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IRA Outsourcing

Make every IRA profitable, regardless of balance.


According to the EBRI IRA Database 69-percent of IRA rollovers involve accounts with less than $50,000. Your margin on these accounts is either negligible, non-existent or completely upside down. By outsourcing your small balance IRA administration to Inspira, you'll be able to:

  • Eliminate the high cost of administering these IRAs
  • Turn an existing loss into a profit center in 90 days
  • Focus on the parts of your business that generate revenue
  • Retain your branding through a customized IRA platform

Inspira will match or come close to your current fee schedule, and we are willing to share a piece of that revenue with you. Inspira will also use your firm's investments, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Just like that, you've turned a black hole into black ink on your balance sheet.

Large Providers

What is the account minimum for your wealth channel? If it’s above $100,000, you’re missing out of 80-percent of rollovers. Now you can easily offer participants an IRA with managed account services for 82 basis points, a fraction of the cost of comparable industry products.

  • GuidedChoice provides online advice as a 3(38) fiduciary on all accounts
  • Customized IRA program with your firm’s name, logo and branding
  • Open architecture platform can incorporate your firm’s investments
  • Traded in an omnibus setting so there is only one fund account

Inspira puts you in a position to capture every rollover leaving your plans without the time and resources usually spent on administration.  Inspira handles 100-percent of the IRA servicing and will pay you annually per account. Plus, if we build the product using your firm’s investments, you still collect the investment management revenue and asset-based fees.

This is a game-changer. You no longer have to say “no” to rollovers.

Contact us today to start generating revenue on every IRA, regardless of balance.


Chances are, your advisory firm is operating at max capacity just to satisfy the needs of your existing client base. The minimum for your personal wealth business is high because there aren’t enough hours in a week to take on smaller accounts. Inspira can help you grow your business without growing your staff with a managed IRA program:

  • Customizable solution can have your logo and branding
  • Online advice provided by GuidedChoice on all accounts
  • Get paid an annual referral fee per account

With Inspira you can capture more rollovers without having to actually manage the accounts. Account holders pay only 82 basis points, which Inspira shares with you as a referral fee. GuidedChoice handles the advice and Inspira the customer service. Plus, when an account reaches your minimum, you can roll them into your full service solution.

Contact us today to increase your revenue by capturing more assets as they leave your plans.

TPAs & RecordKeepers

Accounts leaving your system are part of the natural ebb and flow of the recordkeeping business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With Inspira you can drive participants to a rollover program with online advice and get paid an annual referral fee per account.

  • Customizable solution can have your logo and branding
  • Online advice provided by GuidedChoice on all accounts
  • Get paid an annual referral fee per account

You get a quick, easy entry into the IRA market while Inspira handles 100-percent of the IRA servicing. All you need to do is include the option in your distribution paperwork or process.

Contact Inspira today to start turning accounts that leave your system into a new revenue stream.