Did Your Employer Partner With Inspira?

Inspira makes it easy to manage your new IRA through our online IRA recordkeeping platform, The IRA Center.

Did your former employer roll over your account?

Per regulations set forth by the United States Department of Labor, employers can roll over certain accounts of participants that did not complete retirement account instructions after terminating employment. You were not taxed or penalized because of this rollover.

An account has already been created on your behalf. Your login credentials were referenced in the welcome letter you received. Your funds have been placed in an investment designed to preserve your account balance. Inspira gives you the ability to diversify your account among more than 30 mutual funds screened by a registered investment advisor.

Now what? You have several options moving forward:

  • Keep your account with Inspira and leave your funds in the default investment
  • Keep your account with Inspira and diversify your investment mix
  • Roll other retirement accounts into your new Inspira account
  • Withdraw your funds and take a 10% tax penalty and other income tax responsibility
  • Roll this IRA into another IRA that you have with a different firm
  • Roll your account into your current company‚Äôs retirement plan

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Looking to open an account in your employer's plan?

Did your employer start an IRA-based retirement plan from Inspira for your company? If so, congratulations on opening your new IRA and taking the first step toward realizing your retirement goals! With your new IRA, you get:

  • Low-cost mutual funds and ETFs selected by a registered investment advisor
  • Unlimited trading with no transaction fees
  • 24/7 electronic access to your account
  • Toll-Free access to IRA professionals to answer your questions

How does it work? The first step is opening your account, which should take no more than 5 minutes.

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