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Automatic Rollovers

Lower client costs and improve plan efficiency.

Automatic Rollover IRA Overview

Terminated participants with small balances exist in all retirement plans. Unfortunately, so do the problems they create for Plan Sponsors and Service Providers. With 29-percent of terminated participants leaving their balances in the plan and another 42-percent being cashed out without their knowledge, moving these accounts to IRAs is becoming a necessity for providers and plan sponsors.

Automatic Rollover IRA Statistics

Aside from being the right thing to do for the participant, eliminating small balances from your plans will help you:

  • Eliminate costs related to non-responsive participants
  • Lower recordkeeping costs for plan sponsors
  • Reduce liability for all plan fiduciaries

These IRAs, known as Automatic Rollover IRAs, Force Outs or Mandatory Distributions, give Plan Sponsors flexibility while still preserving the participant's retirement assets. Inspira's Auto Rollover solution places participant assets into an investment with a guaranteed return of 1.00%, by far the highest returning default fund in the industry.

Automatic Rollover IRAs for Large Providers

Typically, managing low-balance retirement accounts is a massive drain on revenue for a Large Retirement Provider. If you're here, you have already recognized the problem. Work with Inspira to fix it.

Automatic Rollover IRA Brochure
  • Eliminate the cost of administration while still collecting revenue
  • Employ a paperless Automatic Rollover IRA solution
  • Integrate with Inspira to have the program run on autopilot
  • Create a custom product that includes your firm's funds to retain assets

In an organization as large as yours, the revenue loss related to administering these accounts may seem insignificant. By working with Inspira, you can quickly turn those red numbers into pure profit.

We also pride ourselves on being more than just a "dumping ground" for these accounts. Inspira's Automatic Rollover program gives participants a chance to continue saving for retirement by offering them unlimited free trades among more than 30 professionally selected Target Date and Mutual Funds.

Inspira's Automatic Rollover IRA solution has already helped some of the Retirement Industry's largest players streamline their operations. Let us do the same for your business.

Contact us today to turn these revenue-draining accounts into a profitable piece of your business.

Automatic Rollover IRAs for TPAs & RecordKeepers

Almost every plan you administer includes terminated employees with balances less than $5,000. If your clients or the advisors that you work with have not yet asked you to clean up their plans, it's only a matter of time before they do.

Why Use Automatic Rollover IRAs

Partner with Inspira so that you have the best possible solution in place when that time comes:

  • Default Fund feature a guaranteed 1.00% return
  • Receive an annual referral fee on every account rolled over
  • Paperless solution with online Plan Sponsor sign-up and data uploads
  • Solidify your existing relationships by having a solution in place

Many TPAs and Recordkeepers have built their business on a handful of large plans that account for the bulk of their revenue. If you don't have a solution in place, what are you going to tell those critical clients when they ask why they are being charged for dozens or even hundreds of former employees?

Inspira will give you the best answer to that question while also offsetting the loss of revenue those terminated participants represent with an annual referral fee of up to $25.

Contact us today to start using our industry-leading Automatic Rollover solution.

Automatic Rollover IRAs for Plan Advisors

As a Retirement Plan Advisor, your business is built on trust and relationships. You've been successful because you listen to your clients and always act in their best interest. Inspira's Automatic Rollover program aligns your interests with those of the client and the participants in the plan:

Why Use Automatic Rollover IRAs
  • No cost to your firm or to your Plan Sponsor clients
  • Low-fee IRA featuring unlimited free trades and diversification
  • Default Fund feature a guaranteed 1.00% return
  • We will work with your recordkeeper(s) to facilitate the rollovers

In most cases, these Automatic Rollover IRAs make up a fraction of a plans total assets, so it makes sense to be proactive and remove those terminated participants before the client realizes they are there. Why risk an entire plan for less than 1% of its assets?

By performing Auto Rollovers on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, you will ensure your clients' plans are optimized and increase their average account balance.

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